Physical Therapies


The physical therapies we offer at Claybrook Medical Services come in a range designed to cater to all our client’s needs. One of the main advantages of our bespoke concierge service is that it provides tailored, individual treatment each and every time. Whether you have a specific condition that needs treating, some aches and pains that you’d like explaining or just want to get yourself in peak condition, our physical therapists will put together a plan designed to achieve exactly the results you’re looking for.   

Types of Massage

Massage to Relieve Stress


Stress relief isn’t simply a good thing in itself, it can also be an aid to physical well-being. High stress levels have been linked to a huge range of conditions from high blood pressure and cardiac problems to depression, cancer, diabetes and asthma, to name just a few. The sad truth, however, is that stress is often hard to avoid, particularly if you lead a busy working life or help to look after a family. Accessing physical therapies which bring down your stress levels won’t just make you feel better, it will make you fitter and healthier all round.   

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy, and our therapists are trained to deliver it when and where our clients want. You might want a massage as part of a luxury holiday, to unwind during the build up to a stressful event such as a wedding or job interview or simply to recharge the batteries after a stressful period of your life. No matter why you need it, we’ll deliver a Swedish massage that leaves you feeling more than ready to take on the world. 

A Swedish massage is made up of a combination of long, sweeping strokes known as ‘effleurage’, kneading of the muscles and friction applied in the form of deeper pressure to specific areas.  

Myofascial Release


Similar to a Swedish massage, Myofascial release is a form of soft-tissue therapy which works on the fascia, the thin layer of tissue covering the muscles. By applying pressure using parts of the body such as the knuckles or forearms and then manipulating the fascia in a specific and expert manner, our therapist will encourage the fascia to relax. This, in turn, will lead to greater muscle relaxation, increased flexibility, greater strength and better posture.   

Massage Intended to Deal with Pain and Specific Conditions


As well as stimulating general relaxation and well-being, our physical therapists offer treatments dealing with specific conditions or types of pain. Having travelled to wherever you are and made an initial diagnosis, the therapist in question will then devise a bespoke treatment plan. Whilst stress-relieving massage therapies are designed to have a general impact, the therapies listed below are designed to be much more targeted.   

Neuromuscular Therapy


Like stress relieving massage, neuromuscular therapy is a soft tissue treatment, but one which is aimed at dealing with the underlying causes of pain. In many cases, the pain involved will be caused by an injury brought about through repetitive physical effort, frequently via activities such as running, swimming or playing tennis. Neuromuscular therapy focuses on trigger points such as muscle groups. The therapist dealing with you will have the experience to know which groups of muscles are causing your problems and the kind of treatment which is needed. It can help to deal with issues of poor posture, circulation, compressed nerves, strains, tears and injuries.   

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue is the form of massage which is concentrated on specific trouble spots across the body. If you’re having problems making the most of the opportunities presented to you because of aches and pains in areas such as your lower back, shoulders and legs, then our therapist will travel to where you are and apply deep tissue treatment. The technique revolves around slow, firm strokes which concentrate on the muscles or tendons which are causing the problem. By relieving the pain in one targeted area of the body, deep tissue massage can often help to relieve stress across the whole of the body, and further physical therapy will lessen the chances of the injury being repeated.   

Trigger Point Massage


Trigger point massage works in a similar fashion to deep tissue massage. The therapist dealing with you will identify the ‘trigger point’ within your body which is causing pain. The pain in question may not be occurring at the actual ‘trigger point’ itself. Problems in the lower back, for example, may cause bad posture which leads to an ache in the neck. This, in turn, could cause a head ache. Your Claybrook Medical Services therapist will have the time and space to identify exactly where your trigger points are and will therefore be treating the underlying causes of your problems rather than simply the symptoms. The trigger point will be treated with a combination of pressure and release, and the kind of expert therapists we use will identify the specific trigger points needed to treat symptoms across the body and even alleviate long term chronic problems.    

Sports Massage


Many of our clients enjoying sporting activity as a form of exercise, a means of keeping fit or simply an enjoyable way of spending their time. The sports massage delivered by Claybrook Medical Services therapists combines different methods and approaches, drawing on Swedish, deep tissue and other forms of massage, and concentrates on the areas of your body which are most important to your chosen sport.  

The service we offer is bespoke, and that means that you decide whether you’d like a sports massage before, during or after sporting activity. You might be enjoying a golfing holiday and don’t want to risk exacerbating an old back injury, for example. Call us for an early morning sports massage – it will get your circulation flowing, stretch and relax your muscles and put you in the best possible condition to enjoy your round of golf without injuring yourself. Whether you want to prepare for a sport, work to prevent injury or recover from your aches and pains, our sports massage therapists will make sure you’re at the top of your game.    

Pregnancy Massage


A highly specific form of massage, pregnancy massage is also known as prenatal massage. It recognises the fact that mums to be can often suffer from lower back pains and swollen ankles, and that the right kind of massage can offer medication-free relief from these issues. It’s also designed to offer relaxation, stress relief and a chance to unwind at a time when you deserve and need it more than ever. 

The pregnancy massage therapists at Claybrook Medical Services are trained in delivering the massage in a way which is safe and effective. This means supporting and positioning the body of the woman and modifying certain techniques in order to ensure that they can’t harm either mother or baby. Whether you’re an expectant mother yourself, or just know one and think that she deserves the ultimate prenatal treat, then a bespoke Claybrook Medical Services pregnancy massage at a time and place of your choosing is just the delivery you need.