We don’t promise a fixed price up-front, but what we do promise is clarity, transparency and honesty. There is no fixed fee and, unlike so many insurance policies, no hidden extras, get out clauses or small-print limitations. 

 Instead, the cost we charge is a direct reflection of the severity of your injury, condition or illness and the complexity of the treatment you require. You tell us what you need and the consultant dealing with you will tell you how much it costs, placing it within our three-tiered pricing structure. That includes where you are, since we travel around the world to deliver our services, when you need treating, as we pledge to provide bespoke treatment which is completely at your convenience, and how long the treatment in question lasts.  


Tailored medical concierge services of this type come at a cost, but it’s a cost our clients are willing to pay for the flexibility, certainty and freedom which we provide. Once you’ve spoken to our consultant you’ll know exactly what you’ll have to pay and there’s no chance, as with other medical plans, of the costs spiralling out of control. 

As with every other aspect of the service we provide our pricing will be personally tailored to suit your requirements. What you want, when and where you want it, at a price you can rely on. That’s the Claybrook Medical promise.