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About Us


A Genuinely Bespoke Medical Concierge

Claybrook Medical Services takes a revolutionary new approach to the provision of bespoke medical services. It’s a concierge service that puts you, the client, at the heart of everything that happens. Treatment is tailored to meet your needs to a degree which you simply won’t find anywhere else. You decide when and where you want to be treated and we make it happen, with no exceptions. Across the globe and around the clock Claybrook Medical Services is on hand to keep you fit, well and happy.  


Convenient Treatment

We specialise in emergency physical therapy treatments, ranging from therapeutic massage to sports massage and post-operative rehab. Your medical history and any existing conditions will be taken into account but won’t limit the treatment we arrange or impact on the amount you pay for it. The Claybrook Medical Services approach is all about the needs of the client at the time when they come to us. We understand that your body isn’t always going to provide advance notice or a warning when something is about to go wrong; muscles and joints don’t work like that and neither do we, we’re ready and waiting to provide exactly what you need as soon as you need it. 


A Simple Process

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible. That means no complicated form filling and bureaucracy, no waiting for clearance and no wasting time. We do everything an insurance company does and more, but we do it quickly and transparently. From the moment you contact us you know exactly what we’re doing for you and precisely the amount it will cost. We don’t limit ourselves to physical therapy treatments. If you need scans arranging or specific procedures booking we’ll make it happen. If you want a second opinion on a diagnosis or course of treatment we’ll find the right practitioner to deliver it. You may face the nightmare of requiring emergency treatment when many miles from home, perhaps in a country where you don’t speak the language or understand the workings of the health system. We’ll deal with it. 


The Treatment You Need

Whatever the circumstances, one quick call and Claybrook Medical Services will handle everything, leaving you to concentrate on the only thing that matters – your fitness and well-being. We’ll source the appointments, arrange the consultations and work with you to ensure you get the treatment you need when you need it. We understand that the world of medicine can be a daunting place at times and we act as your representative. That may mean something as simple as booking a sports massage before a round of golf or a more complex issue like finding the expert best suited to dealing with your condition.    


Work, Play and Relax

We don’t think anything should get in the way of your ability to work and play as hard as you like, and to relax in comfort afterwards. The advantage of our approach over a ‘one size fits all’ insurance plan is that it treats you as an individual. In simple terms, we don’t see why physical therapy and medical treatment should be different from any other commodity. If you can buy yourself the car, clothes, holiday and food that you like, you should be able to purchase the treatment you need just as easily, and that’s what Claybrook Medical Services is all about.  


No Waiting

Streamlined processes mean no queues, no waiting and no complicated paperwork. It’s just a few simple steps between getting in touch and accessing treatment.    

Range of Treatments


From simple rejuvenation to arranging complex procedures, we’ll provide whatever you need, when and where you need it.   

Person Centred


Some companies work in a way that’s convenient for them. Everything we do, on the other hand, begins and ends with what you need.   



We speak your language, not medical jargon or insurance-speak, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening from day one.